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Sweeter Than My Coffee 2013 - Coming Soon

Coming very very soon! Oh I just can't wait!

That feeling when you know that it's coming but you have no idea when? The moment I saw the posting in their website, I know that it's almost done. So I just keep my fingers crossed and keep on waiting. Patience is truly a virtue.

For the book cover, I really had no idea. Usually, they are the ones who will provide the design for free. I can send suggestions but its their expertise so let them be! When it will come out? I really really don't know!!!

It takes a MIND to make a decision.
It takes a HEART to feel an emotion.

(...and by definition HAPPINESS is an emotional state.)

If you choose to be happy, you can tell the world that you are, but you know deep inside you feel down, bitter or frustrated -- that is HYPOCRISY and not HAPPINESS (you keep on convincing yourself that your are happy though you're hurting inside).

Why am I saying this? Just a reflection on how people are pushing me to be happy during those times when I feel so sad. They usually say that happiness is a choice. Too bad I was not born a hypocrite.

This is Happiness. This is what I feel right now and NOT what my mind tells or chooses to say what to feel. You know what I'm saying? 'Guess you have to walk a mile using my shoes before you understand what I'm trying to say.



Glan Deas said...

I am very interested to read this book. Now I can't wait any more. Please publish it as soon as possible.

Kopi Luwak

Purple Ink said...

Neither do I! Thank you for visiting. It's written in Filipino though, hope I could find time to translate it in English!

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