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Yup! Imagine you are in Boracay on a busy Monday wearing your hot bikini and you’ve been on a vacation for a week. Suddenly, you realized that you wanted to earn money. So you open your laptop, connect to the internet then get some assignments to work on, compose some decent and unique sentences and viola! Money comes rushing in your account. Wouldn’t be so nice to earn money that way?

I’ve encountered so many money-making propaganda online such as networking, pay-per-click; surveys and the like but most of them are just a scam. They would ask you to deposit a certain amount before you could start working with them and earn money, after that you won’t get any.

Back in 2010, a friend told me that she’s been earning extra income through writing. The salary may not be that much but she’s still getting extra and its way better than nothing. She told me that it was more on writing SEO articles. These are keyword-driven articles normally with 500-1000 words. During that time, I was already working with that kind of stuffs in ODesk and getting paid in dollar so I said, “Sure let me try it out”.

So I applied through and if I may recall, I had to answer questions like describe yourself, why do you want to become a freelance writer and something like what is your typing speed? I was also asked to submit a resume online. After that I had to wait if I’ll be shortlisted. Fortunately, I received an email confirmation telling me that I now have an access to and I am now a member of the Black Team. Wohoo!

But wait, what is Black Team? Why am I in the Black Team?

According to their manual, initially an applicant is assigned in the Black Team and it was still part of the screening process. You have to write an article based on the provided list and from there you will be evaluated and transferred to Red or Green Team.

It was a bit off for me since I already got sample entries in my blog. I have also answered essay type question in their application forms. So since it is just a part-time job and I really have not pushed it, I just shrug it off and continue my life as an IT Professional and an ODesk content writer/spinner.

And since 2010, I never went back to I’ve browsed through their forums from time to time just to check if they have updated the given topics for the Black Team yet still nothing’s change. Every year I received an email from them asking me to complete the process yet still I am lazy.

One fine day, I received an email again that I am now a member of the Red Team. Whatever process they performed, I really had no idea. Out of curiosity, the prodigal writer visited their site and checked out the assignments.  I wrestled for a new assignment and got P120 for 1000 words. The assignment was good for 24 hours but I managed to complete it in 3 to 4 hours while I’m in the middle of my day job. I just waited for the staff to review and approve my submitted article and P120 already got credit to my account.

I met fellow writers in their forums section and I felt so at-home. Collaborating with people with the same passion as I have is simply amazing. Truly a great break from the routine that I have in a day.

Yes, I am proud to say that I am a new member of In fact, what you’re reading right now is my second assignment. Cheers!


Philippine Latest News said...

This looks promising I will try this when i got home.

Purple Ink said...

Try it! :)

Anonymous said...

how long did you wait to be transferred from black team to red team?

Purple Ink said...

Hi! I've never been in Black Team. I automatically started in Red Team.

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