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RideIn!: Commuting is now More Fun in the Philippines!

In the Philippines, an estimate of 40% of the population are living with less than P50.00 per day. Even though the economy this year is said to be in good condition, most taxpayers are still struggling to survive everyday with the surging fuel and transportation costs.

Commuters in Metro Manila always have bad experiences especially during rush hours. Squeezing in buses, fighting for taxi rides and falling in lines for too long so that you can have a ride home are always part of your daily drama. Indeed, commuting in Metro Manila was never easy.

Now, who wants to turn the table around? Who among you wants to play a game?

RideIn! Commuting, More fun in the Philippines! 

A group of IT professionals designed a mobile application for Android Users giving them a better commuting experience. How is that possible when you get sardined inside a bus? Well, how about snapping a photo, earning points and then getting freebies?

Not only that, RideIn! also offers other features such as viewing your rides history, getting traffic updates and informing your family and friends that you are safely riding your way home. Similar to Instagram and Foursquare applications, you can share pictures, shout outs and earn badges too.

The Humble Beginnings

A group of IT Professionals who are just passionate about their expertise have joined-forces embracing a single vision that is -- to make a difference through technology. They are: Maui Milan: Product Developer, Rai Escarez: Lead Mobile Developer, Michael Tisado: Lead Platform Developer, John Louie Binas: Lead Designer, Rey Zausa: Product Developer, Joshvin Matthew Domingo: Web Specialist and Lloyd Harlow Yap: Lead Web Developer. These bunch of computer enthusiasts have squeezed in their time for this project apart from their respective day jobs.

Started out in 2012, they have initially voted for iHATID. It is a mobile application that works like Uber services for Filipinos. The objective was to allow commuters to request for taxis through mobile application.

However, this idea would incur additional cost on taxi operators, because the proposed work process would require the taxi owners to invest on Android phones for all taxi drivers. 

After series of thorough brainstorming and conceptualization, the group decided to shift the focus on commuters. Since it is currently the hype of Instagram and Foursquare, they have branded a new objective for this application and also changed its name to RideIn!.

The First Clients

RideIn! is currently on a pre-launch mode. They were supported by a taxi operator (BASIC taxi) and one of the top bus companies in the country.

JAC Liner's Solid North Transit, has already put up a streamer in their terminal to inform the commuters that something BIG is coming soon! This provincial bus company have travel routes from San Carlos City to Dagupan and from Pangasinan to Cubao. It has free WIFI on-board giving you a better commuting experience everyday from 2am to 8pm.

How RideIn! Works

1. Download the RideIn! app from Google Play (Android Users)

2. When you ride on a bus or taxi and found the sticker, open the application and snap a photo to scan the QR code.

3. Rate the experience, shout out, earn points and wait for the exciting freebies that will come your way!

Follow RideIn! and get updated through their Website, Tumblr, and Facebook Page.

*All photos are linked to the Facebook Page of RideIn!
*An interview with one of the co-founder, Lloyd Harlow Yap was conducted on 03.19.2013


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