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Orange Pichi-Pichi with Cheese

Pichi-Pichi is one of the most favored treats in the Philippines. It is a steamed grated cassava (kamoteng kahoy) rolled in coconut bits. My grandma is an expert in making suman (sticky rice) and my dad, he used to cook biko (another variety of sticky rice) every year (on my birthday). So, let me just feel that Filipino "sticky" dessert-making runs in my Celerio blood.

This is my second time preparing Pichi-Pichi for my family. My first Pichi-Pichi experience was the usual experimental stage. Back then, I used grated coconut as toppings and it lasted for only two days because the coconut bits get spoiled easily. I mixed red and blue food colors to produce purple but the original color of cassava is yellow. So imagine how red, blue and yellow turned out when I mixed them. The taste was just right back then (I ended up buying at Amber's to know what else I could do to make it better).

I love Amber's Pichi-Pichi with Cheese. I always savor the soft bites and the sweet and salty taste as it melts in my mouth. I always reminded myself, "Heck, I'm making my own version of this."

Here are the ingredients:

1 1/2 kilos cassava (kamoteng kahoy)
2 1/2 cups white sugar
4 1/2 cups water
10 drops pandan essence
2 1/2 teaspoon lye water (lihiya)
a pinch of food color (optional)
grated cheese (or grated coconut)

1. Grate the cassava. Add sugar, water, pandan essence, lye and food color.

1 1/2 kilos of cassava make 4 1/2 cups. I also used a food processor to mix the ingredients well and make sure that the cassava is grated evenly.

2. Place the cassava mixture on the molder.

I would suggest you use a smaller molder than the one I used. It would speed up the process. With this molder, I still have to scoop them one by one just to make cassava balls.

3. Steam for 40 minutes or until the mixture turned translucent. Let it cool before removing from the molder.

4. Roll molded pichi-pichi over grated cheese and let it chill for 5 minutes before serving.

I opted for orange this time because as much as I love cooking, I also love painting. Orange and yellow looks good together. Happy col0rs indeed!

I used a tablespoon and was able to make 60 Pichi-Pichi balls. It was double the size of that of Amber's. My husband (first victim) told me that I should have used a smaller grater size for the cheese because the salty taste was not good for his gall bladder. I made a mental note to lessen cheese bits if I'll be using a bigger sized grater (that is--If I wanted to prolong his life **evil grin**).

Mission Accomplished!


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