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Wat Pho: The Reclining Buddha

Remembering Thailand:

The oldest and largest wat in Thailand is found at the Wat Pho Complex where the Reclining Buddha was sheltered.

Phra Buddhasaiyas, the Reclining Buddha, was created with gold plating at approximately 46 meters long and 15 meters high.

Part of the compound was a Buddhist Monastery. It was my first time to see monks walking around in broad daylight. We really tried to chase them to ask for some photo shots but they ignored us and kept on walking.

There are many definitions of the reclining Buddha. Each of which is based on the body parts' positions. This Buddha's eyes are open and the arm seems to be in place to support his head. Such position denotes that reclining, along with sitting, standing and walking are good exercises to keep yourself physically fit.

Another significant symbolism that you can get from this Buddha is his feet that are closed together in flat position.This means that he has completed his enlightenment stage and has reached nirvana - the state of nothingness. They simply call it the Buddhist Salvation.

There are plenty of humongous Buddhas around the world and I am thankful to have a chance to see some of them. Buddhism is about KARMA - cause and effect. RESPECT for the DIGNITY of HUMAN LIFE and one's quest for innate goodness, peace and happiness.

Buddha bless you!



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Purple Ink said...

Salamat po sa pag-add :)

Eden said...

I'm back! =D Ang ironic noh? I was thinking nirvana's like a state of completeness. Sabi enlightenment but you'd end up with "nothingness." I don't think I'd like to end up in nirvana then. haha

Purple Ink said...

Hi Eden, the truth is... Nirvana means DEATH. Google said its "A transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self. That it is the liberation of the soul from bodily existence..." So don't wish you'd be in a state of nirvana. Life is wonderful, enjoy it! :)

Thanks again for visiting. Take care! (^_^)

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