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A Thai Folklore: The Selfish Old Man

Remembering Thailand:

A perfect Sunday morning when my friends and I decided to go to Thailand's floating market as part of our Bangkok experience. Our tour guide/driver offered to take us at the "Wek Museum".

"Wek Museum?!?" We looked at each other thinking what he was talking about.

He brought us at Siam Cultural Park's Wax Museum in Ratchaburi Province. Its an hour long drive from the city capital - Bangkok.

The museum showcased life-sized models of well-known figures in Thailand and Asia. Most of them have prominent connection with the history of Thailand.  Part of the museum also portrays a Thai Folklore: a story of the greedy old man.

So the story started with "Once upon a time..."

There was this old man who lives in the jungle. He was poor and lonely. No food to eat, no family to love, no friends to hang out with. (I joined him one Sunday afternoon and tried to have a chitchat with him. Unfortunately, we cannot understand each other because of language barriers...)

Then, a hunter came by with his dogs. His dogs picked up his scent and started to chase him. Afraid to be eaten alive by the hunter's companion, the old man climbed up a tree.

Well, I tried to climb up too, but to no avail. Guess, I've eaten too much the night before.


So the hunter caught me along with the beggar. He was still up there so scared to go down because of the dogs. Good thing this hunter has a good heart. He came from the Royal Palace. He took pity on the old man (on me also...) so he provided the latter with nourishment and shelter for a day. After that, he brought him to the palace.

At the palace, the old man met the prince with his children. The prince realized how unfortunate the old man was after listening to his story. So he gave him a bottle of magical water. The prince told him that he will not feel hungry for ten days when he drink the water. After that, he vowed to give the old man anything he wished for. To his surprise, the old man asked to have the prince's children.

It was a very crucial decision for the prince to give away his children. He contemplated for days. Knowing how blessed he was to have everything, compared to the old man who got nothing, he decided to give his children hoping that they will receive the same love that he provided to them.

This old man; however, does not have a good heart. He mistreated the prince's children. He let them work for him. He used up all the fortune that the prince gave him and when he's back at nothing, he came up with the idea of selling the children to have food. (I could not believe it either. Poor children. I find a very hard time sneaking out of this greedy old man to free them... And couldn't!!!)

And you know where he went to sell the children? The King. He knows that his royal highness would do anything he wished just to get back his grandchildren.

Starving, the old man asked for unlimited food which the king obliged.

Feasting on his so-called success, the old man ate as much as he could.

Too much that his stomach could no longer hold.

That's why it exploded.

Of course he died.

Getting someone's love or attention even though its NOT YOURS is SELFISHNESS. Being addicted to something or even someone that may result to aggravating somebody else is also SELFISHNESS.

KARMA has its own way of getting even.

I rest my case.


naj said...

wow, it's a very nice story Khaisse. I wish to visit that place too.

Purple Ink said...

if you are fascinated with other culture like me, you should! Thanks for the visit! :)

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