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A Stitch Encounter

Remembering Hong Kong:

Two days after my wedding we boarded on a plane bound to Hong Kong as our honeymoon destination. Back in the days when love was still a fairytale, we visited Hong Kong Disneyland and there we promised each other that we'll start a new beginning together.

One of the most significant part of my Disneyland Experience was the Stitch Encounter. An interactive show where you can talk to Stitch. Such technology is an example of digital puppetry that consists of real-time animation and conversation with the audience. The story of this mischievous alien is that he stole a space craft from his mortal enemy, Captain Gantu and cruised at the outer space (without Lilo knowing it) to meet new friends and have fun with them. This is where the interaction begins.

Such a hilarious encounter I had with Stitch. I remember three years ago, when I promised to immortalize the experience by writing a blog about it. (It took me three years to fulfill such promise...) The conversation goes like this:

Stitch : I want to know the person sitting at the fifth row. Person #1. (...that person was me)

Me: Hello Stitch. =)

Stitch : Hello! Speaking English?

Me: Yes.

Stitch: That's good. What is your name?

Me: Khaisse.

Stitch: Hello Khaisse! And who's that person beside you? Is he your boyfriend? Is he

Me: My husband.

Stitch: Oh my God! What is your name husband?

Husband: ******

Stitch: ******. How long have you been together?

Husband: Ahh... Just got married. (all smile...)

Stitch: Oh my gosh! That is so sweet! Come on ****** and Khaisse stand up.. ****** say I love you to Khaisse!!!

Husband (holding the microphone): I love you Khaisse... (audience applauded)


Then the story continued with Stitch taking picture of an audience telling everyone that the latter was some kind of a space criminal. Approximately after 20 minutes, the show ended with Stitch escaping from Captain Gantu.

I found a Youtube video similar to the Stitch Encounter we had in Hong Kong:

"Ohana" means "family." "Family" means "no one gets left behind." But if you want to leave, you can. I'll remember you though... I remember everyone that leaves. - Lilo (to a running away Stitch)


JonDmur said...

wow! katuwa naman.... mukhang na enjoy nyo talaga...

Happy for you! Congrats ^^

Rom said...

the part when relieving your childhood dream through honeymoon is entirely sweet and awesome too. makapunta nga sa peryahan...:)

Eden said...

That's awesome! Love stitch! So cute! I can see the future of stand up comedy!

Purple Ink said...

Jon salamat sa pagbisita. Naalala ko lang hindi ko pa pala naisulat. :)

Remembering the old times is the only way to make me smile today. **sigh (emo)** Kuya Rom, napasyal ka. Salamat po! :)

Hi Eden! Thank you for dropping by. I love Stitch too! Cheers! :)

sHeRrY said...

I thought it was a ride from the pic heheh You should've rode space mountain, it's the best ride ever but I've only been able to ride it in Florida though not in HK. Was this in 3D? because last time I went to Disney HK we watched this 3D show with donald duck in it. I miss Disney HK but oh well, I'll be going on a school trip to Disney Paris this February. DINSEYLAND<3 Even though I'm already 17, I shall never ever be too old for Disney. Congratulations Mrs...

Purple Ink said...

Hi sHeRrY,

Yes, we've also experienced the space mountain. Stitch Encounter was not in 3D though. If I may recall, the Donald Duck in 3D was some kind of a funny horror film? Wow, so young... Sweet 17... You've got tons of places to explore. Enjoy! Thanks for the visit! (^_^)

littleyana said...

I guess Stitch is not a bad nickname for your first baby. Kinda cute to relive the Disney moment. Cute post!

Purple Ink said...

Lol! I named one of my love birds 'Stitch'. Thanks for visiting littleyana! :)

Shashi and Beij said...

I love Stitch! Hope I could meet him too.

Btw, followed your blog through GFC. Hope you could follow mine as well.

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