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272 Steps to Batu Caves

Remembering Malaysia:

Another humongous Buddha? I thought it was actually, but no! That gigantic gold-plated statue guarding the Batu Caves is Lord Murugan, a Hindu deity. He is known as Hindu's god of war. This cave, located at the outskirts of Malaysia, is a very popular Hindu shrine outside India. Most tourists include this in their itinerary.So we made sure that we never missed it!

Batu Caves is a series of caves made of limestone crafted by nature. Inside were Hindu shrines, paintings and statutes. What made it more intriguing is that you need to climb 272 steps before you can view such wonder of nature.

Before we went to Genting Highlands, we dropped by Batu Caves on a very hot April morning. We traveled by train about eight miles north of Kuala Lumpur. We were eight in the group and only four of us dared to climb up the 272 steps to see what's inside one of the Batu Caves.
Up for the challenge! All geared up with towels and bottled waters, we climbed up the stairs hoping that we could make it to the top. The summer heat was like pricking our skins yet as we ascended, the cool breeze started embracing us. Monkeys were everywhere too. The climb was just worth it though my knees were already screaming on our 150th step.

Finally, we arrived at the finished line. The entrance of the cathedral-like cave was inviting already. There were stores outside for souvenirs. There was an albino Python for photo souvenirs too. With our trembling legs and ankles, we seated for a while and enjoyed the scenery. Looking downstairs and laughing at those people who aren't done and still struggling with their climb seems really relaxing. =D


The interior of the cave was just another story. How it was crafted was overwhelming. Several chambers were inside and everything were made of limestone. For others maybe its just another cave tampered by human because the flooring was already cemented and all but for me, it spells out one thing, "culture" and I love it!

Amazingly, this cave is more than 320 feet above the ground. The first chamber contains small temples and some statues for which I believe were Hindu gods.

The second chamber was another few steps to climb. The sun was pouring in this area. They said you can do lots of rock climbing activities in here. There are other caves which can be found at the base and it has entrance fees. Too bad we just dropped by to see one area. A whole day activity is definitely enough to explore the Batu Caves. Until we meet again Lord Murugan... **fingers crossed**

"Hinduism is a relentless pursuit after truth... Hinduism is the religion of truth. Truth is God. Denial of God we have known. Denial of truth we have not known.”
~ Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi


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