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500 Feeding Project: The beginning

This year, my mom and I vowed to help the children in our own little ways through a feeding project. We were starting at our very own town of Malvar in Batangas City, Philippines. There are several districts in our town and based on the census, each district has records of malnourished and underweight children.

One weekend, we filled about 25 containers with Chicken Arroz Caldo, a Filipino version of porridge or Chinese Congee. We also bought 2 boxes of juice in tetra packs and prepared sandwiches before we set out to visit Luta Norte, Malvar Batangas.

Learning Photography: Placing the Horizon Line

A Canon 500D model is surely a wonderful birthday gift from a special someone. How to operate it is a one big struggle even though it's an entry level DSLR. However, it paved way to an exciting world of photography. My husband and I got excited on the beautiful things that we can capture around us.

As usual, I am a no-rule-bite-me person when it comes to arts. So I managed to take a few shots based on what seems to look good at the eyes of the beholder. Later on, concepts started to fill me in and first thing that I learned is placing the horizon line.

From word of mouth, I learned that the horizon must be a straight horizontal line since in reality, a horizon is a straight line. Browsing through the net I also realized that placing the horizon at the top, middle or bottom has a powerful impact to the composition of the photo.
Dasol Pangasinan: my first decent shot
For an instance, when you set the horizon at the top area of your frame, the distance is enhanced and the foreground details is accentuated.

Body Painting for a Bride

Body painting is a kind of body art that is pretty much similar to tattoos but it only lasts for a few hours. Last year, I got a chance to have my back painted with flowers for a very special occasion—my wedding.

The wedding theme is Hawaiian. Entourage is wearing floral dresses, Hawaiian shirts, khaki shorts and grass skirts except me. The bride is wearing a classic gown and to add a touch of the Hawaiian theme, I had a body paint at my back.

Early morning, a few hours before the wedding, I went to the house of the artist. I also brought some colorful stud stickers to make the look fancier at my back.

Maria Aragon - "Born This Way"

From Charisse Pempengco, another Filipino child wonder was recently discovered at YouTube by no other than Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga found Maria Aragon at YouTube, a ten year old half-Filipina who resides in Canada as she uploaded a recorded video of herself singing “Born This Way”. Gaga commented on her Tweet account about what she felt when she watched the video and exclaimed that Maria Aragon is the future. Since then, the video received million viewers all over the world.

Here's the famous YouTube  video that the whole world has been talking about:


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