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How to Make Mushroom Burger

Tagaytay is always an instant getaway for those people who want to drive away from the city for awhile, hangout, eat and enjoy nature. Most people would not miss a chance visiting one of Tagaytay icons, the Mushroom Burger.

A perfect alternative for the usual fast food burgers, Mushroom Burger can be a good source of minerals and it can tone down your cholesterol level.

Acrylic Painting: Sweet Pea

After a few months of saving up for acrylics paints, I managed to buy a few sets. I also decided to buy some illustration boards and a few yards of canvass cloth so that I can customize the shape and size of my canvass. A primer is also essential that is why I’ve spent up to the last penny that I’ve got in my pocket to complete all the materials that I need.

Here's how I prepared my canvass.

1. Cut out the illustration boards into your desired size or shape.

2. Neatly wrap the board with a canvass cloth.

3. Seal the cloth using a bond paper. Fill the paper with glue then paste it at the back portion to cover the other side of the canvass.

4. Grab a brush and scrub in the primer!

DIAMOND KISSES: Episode #2 - Dracula Laugh

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“Hey Casey, wake up!”

I opened my eyes and found Mae staring down at me. Mae Duce, pronounced as doo-cheh with feelings, is my best friend since grade school. She had this Latina features which she always matched with auburn hair color. Mae and I literally shared a lot of things together: our dreams, our fantasies, our troubles, our secrets, our mission impossibles, our inclination to spooks and mysteries, art and fashion and of course, our fascination with boys!

“Eff! Intruder Alert!” I joked but totally disoriented.

“A gorgeous intruder!” she rolled her eyes, taking a seat on the foot of my bed. “So sorry to wake you up princess, but its almost nine.”


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