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Top 5 Fragrances for Women

Top 5 fragrances for women -- Last night, I visited my stone aged cabinet to get a new bottle of perfume. I'm very fond of collecting fragrances and stocking it in my dresser just like wine. Though it is not advisable to collect perfumes because the scent will eventually wear off, I cared less since I use all of them one at a time, and then keep the empty bottles as part of the collection. Whenever there is mall sale, I spend some of my savings buying gift sets. I keep some of them and then sell the rest. Now that Christmas is coming, the scent of warehouse inventory sale is also in the air. So I've listed down top 5 fragrances for women this year so that when the D-day arrives, I'll know which bottle I'm going to grab.

IONA's DIARY - Meet My Family

Dear Diary,

Before I move on with my life and start to have childhood amnesia, I would like to keep a memory of my family. Here, I'll keep some photos of my mother and my siblings. Where are they now? I have no idea. I remember the first time light struck my pair of eyes. I’ve been blinded for a moment before I realize that I am now a living thing. Then I saw my mom...And my dad? Well, dad was left at the stud service so I never got the chance to know him. Hehe... Then, something hit me at my butt and when I looked back I saw my brother, and another brother, and another. Damn it! We were four!

A Huge Fan of Chef Iskander Latiff

A few weeks ago, I had a marathon on Channel News Asia’s “The Perfect Meal Asia” – Season 2. Six known chefs battled their wits and grace as they compete for one crown. It is a reality show that challenges the chefs to cook the perfect meal under time pressure. They were judged by the famous Tan Su—lyn, the Managing Direct of Wine & Dine Magazine which is famous food publication in Singapore.  Peter Knipp, the founder of Peter Knipp Holdings Pte Ltd (PKH) and Christopher Tan, a renowned food writer. I watched episode after episode until the finale and was really fascinated about the contenders not to mention the salivating dishes that they have prepared. I really wished I was there during that time to have a free taste on what they call “Perfection”.

I’ve followed Chef Chintan Pandya, the executive chef of Yantra and Chef Iskander Latiff, the head chef of Tiffin Club as they had a cooking showdown for the meal that is “Fit for a King”. The three judges had the best meals of their life. Peter Knipp had turned his head several times telling the chefs something like “No, this is not fit for a king”. Finally, the winner is announced and the crown was awarded to Chef Iskander Latiff.

Chef Iskander Latiff
A few weeks after, I can’t seem to get over Chef Iskander. So I browsed through the internet and noticed that he has quite a few links. Well, he may not be that popular worldwide even after he won the contest but he definitely is at the first place here in my heart. So I gathered some photos from the net and finally, I came across the Tiffin Club, his home where he exhibits his talents as a cook and damn I longed for his cooking more after seeing the menus.
Tapas - Laksa Croquettes
Appetizer - Tiffin Satay
Main - Chilli Crab Linguine

We're planning to visit Singapore this coming December, so I made a mental note to visit Tiffin Club. Who knows, I might get a chance to see Chef Iskander in person. I really like his bubbly attitude in front of the camera. In one of his interviews, he said that he does not have any formal training in the field of culinary compared to other contestants. He started very young assisting his mother in cooking. He dedicated his triumph to his dad who is very supportive to him. Well, what more can I say? I'm a huge fan of Chef Iskander Latiff!!!

Last Few Drops of Watercolor - CONFUSED SUNFLOWERS

So I continued my journey in the world of water colors. The next flower that I’ve been meaning to paint is a sunflower. There are tons of sunflower paintings out there, each have their own perspective, style and techniques. I stared at my empty water color pad for a couple of minutes and took a very deep breathe. “My sunflower...” I told myself. How could I ever make my own sunflower?
I started with the background as the easiest layer to paint. I learned that big brushes can cover large area instantly so I scrubbed my paper with red shade and got satisfied in my 1 tone background.

Then, I took a flat brush to manage the grass and leaves. I wanted it to look 2 toned weeds and leaves that is why I used dark green and yellow green to do the trick. Believe me, up to now, I find a hard time doing a nice stem that’s why the stems are all messed up.

So I looked at my work as the wet color dries and I began to get nervous. “This is it!” I whispered to myself. I’m about to create the sunflowers.  I made the center of flower first which as they said is the signature of the sunflowers. I used brown and dark golden rod to make a 2 tone effect.  For the first layers of the petals, I used dark orange and gold. I pulled the brushes up several times as I go around the center. 

Then, to my disappointment, I ran out of yellow tubes! I still need to do the second layer for the 3 flowers! I don’t know what hit me that moment when I grabbed a white tube of water color. I finished the piece feeling half-fulfilled because my sunflower attempt turned out to be “A confused Sunflower”.

 “Is it a Daisy?” My husband asked me when I showed it to him. “No! They are sunflowers and they thought that they are daisies.” We both end up laughing while staring at another disaster in my painting experience.

Finding and Installing Wordpress Plugins

I had a horrible client who asked me to write about wordpress plugins. I had a small mistake of using as additional source materials. I used as my primary source. He was ballistic and even told me about copyright issues. Hello? I did not write it as if I lifted everything. I used my own words and writing style to do this. So here is MY ARTICLE submitted to him. Just in case he submitted and used it somewhere else. Writers can write about anything under the sun. You cannot just tell me that I am not capable of writing something I do not know. I can do a research anytime. I can do a hands on anytime. Thanks for the worst feedback anyway.

So you want to express more of your creativity in your Wordpress blog? After you have created your blog site, you are definitely aching to add new things in your page to make it more appealing. Then, a Wordpress plug-ins is what you need. For non-tech savvy individuals, a plug-in is another way of enhancing your blog page without having the headache of alternating the codes behind it. Since a plug-in has pre-defined codes already, all you need to do is PLUG IT IN your site.

Wordpress plug-ins brings your blog pages to another level by transforming their look and feel and providing various functionalities. There are thousands of powerful plug-in out there that you can find and some of them are clocks, calendars, polls, games, SEO, Facebook links, Twitter links and more. You may choose the kind of Wordpress plug-ins that best suit your taste, perfect for you blog theme and fit with your style.

There are many ways to find the best Wordpress plug-ins. All you have to do is log in and go to your Wordpress Administration Panel. At the dashboard, Select the “Plugin” tab then click on the “Add New” option to continue. Select from the wide variety of available plug-ins per category. You may view the newest, most popular, featured and recently updated Wordpress plug-ins. You may click on the links that are seated right at the top of you page. It is recommended to browse through the most popular plug-ins in Wordpress. These types of plug-ins are most downloaded with positive reviews and five-star ratings. You may also find the popular plug-ins at the bottom of the page under the “Popular Tags”. At this section, the lists of most popular plug-ins are grouped based on tags or categories.

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