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Last Few Drops of Water Color - AUTUMN ROSES

With my desperate will to paint, I bought a water color pad and 2 boxes of water colors. I pleaded to my gutts to spill out more and challenge myself to fill in each pages of the empty paper with colors. Not just mere ink blots but flowers...I really wanted to paint flowers, not the best ones but just decent enough to be called...well... flowers.

I started again with leaves and roses. I tried to empty out my used tubes to produce shaded leaves and blue/yellow roses. I'm glad I was able to produce a rose this time with the petals I've wanted in the first place. But the petals still seems not right. Aside from its transparency ('coz I haven't seen a transparent petal in my life!), the angles of each petal are going nowhere. Rosebuds behaved well but I find a hard time doing the calyx as well as the stems. 

The last part that I did, (which was 1 week later) were those small flowers to fill in the empty spaces. It sucks I know, the petals, strokes and color combination.

Overall, my second attempt on cabbage rose is another milestone in my painting saga. I must admit, this is definitely better than my very first one. The shades of the leaves gave the autumn sensation. The roses, this time, somehow looks like a rose but really needs more improvement. The flower fillers doesn't look like flowers for me at all. Haha! Well, these are just my opinions but I know it still sucks.

So what do you think? I would really appreciate for some pointers.


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