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IONA'S DIARY - Que Sera Sera

Dear Diary,

I am IONA BEAR, as my new owner calls me (I know, I hate it too!).  I am a cream chow chow and welcome to my journal! As of to-date, I am 2 months and 18 days old.  I really wonder why I have this double coated fur and live in this tropical country. Damn, it’s so freaking hot!

Anyway, we’re four puppies born last April 4, 2010. I got 2 brothers and 1 sister, all of them are cinnamon colored. That makes me special! Hehehe... They say that cream chows like me often transforms color when we grow up. Our thick furs can transform into a butterscotch like shade or super light red (solid mahogany or light gold). Most cream puppy chows like me also starts with black nose then change into brown when we grow up. This is so exciting, it's just like from an ugly duckling to a lovely swan. But hey, I'm a cute chow and I'll surely going to be a lovely chow someday. Teehee!

This brings me to a question: How will I look like when I grow up?

My Top 5 Ridiculous Burgers

A few weeks ago, we came across Burger Avenue, a local fast-food chain in the Philippines that offers a burger that has a 1-pound triple grilled patties, lettuce, tomatoes and three cheese slices. Pretty normal eh? Well, for a normal 94 pounds earthling like me, this would occupy much space in my stomach and it would definitely take days before I could completely digest it.

Behold the Ridiculous Burger! It costs a whooping P270.00 but if you are up for their 5-minute-finish-it-don't-throw-it-up challenge, it's yours for free. Sounds cool huh! I haven't taken the challenge yet but just in case you'll bet, I'll starve myself for a day before signing up.

Isn't it Yummy? So now I crave for burgers. Is there any other ridiculous burgers out there that I can swallow whole for free? Come on, try me!

My Top 5 Ridiculuos Burger (in no particular order)

#1. Big Bob's Texas Belt Buster

Whoa! This one's a month supply of burger for me - that is, if I can still take even a slight smell of burger after a day eating a slice of it. Big Bob's Texas Belt Buster holds the title of the World's Biggest Burger. It weighs a deadly 78.5 pounds! Nah! I'll pass on this one but if they give this to me as a freebie, I'll bring this to a charitable institution and hold a burger party.

Artsy Fartsy: Second Attempt

Please do tell me that I failed again, 
I would gladly accept it with all my heart.
For I don't want to study nor practice right from the start.
But knowledge is a continuous learning process, as well as art.
I'd say, this one is definitely better than the previous one, I could tell them apart.

Diamond Kisses: Episode #1 - Surprise! Surprise!


11:23 AM: “Hey, Casey! Mae here. Quick message girlfriend. I need to talk to you about Taz (giggle). Call me, for Pete's sake, your mobile phone is out of reach!”


03:07 PM: “Hello, Casey. It's me, Troy. I wanted to ask you something about Mae. PM me when you receive this.”


03:08 PM: “Casey... It's Mitos. Can we talk?”


05:24 PM: “Uhm... This is Dani Cruz. I'm Kelvin's best friend... Kelvin Ferroa. Can you call me? It's something important.”


06:01 PM: “Casey... Sidney here. There's something I need to confess about Mitos. Buzz me please.“


“Mitos and Sidney?” I barked at the whirring voice messenger auto-reader in my computer as it halted. I got myself on-line as soon as I get back to my room.

“Not again, Sidney!” I clicked off the messenger and started folding clean laundry but I couldn't get away from what I just heard. As well as the memorable moments from a double-date three weeks ago and even the senior's prom last year – all of which I'd like to forget flashed before my eyes like the splashes of the full moon between the trees. Three weeks ago, it had been Sidney and Paulo; and at the prom, Sidney and Miguel; and at the Christmas party Sidney and Luke. Oh well, it was always the same story just with a different guy. Fill in the blank: whomever Mae dated, soon dated Sidney. Now... She got my boyfriend?... Err I mean ex-boyfriend!

Artsy Fartsy: My First attempt on Canvass

My Crazy hands just asked me to grab a little brush
I screamed saying "No!" but she told me to hush
The canvass awaits to give her a blush
So I seat back, relaxed, 'coz there's no time to rush

Once I had this dream, that one day, I'm going to do painting
I'll try my luck with no books nor formal training
Just me, my hand and my brain imagining
That I can fulfill my goal, oh I'm still praying and hoping

Alas! After hours of scrubbing and pushing
I finally finished my very first painting
It's so hard yet I find it enjoying
And the outcome? Oh well, I realized, I'm going back to my programming

Avian Amore: Blue-Naped Parrots – “Pikoy”, Tanygnathus lucionensis

Philippine Green Parrot, Luzon Parrot, Blue-crowned Green Parrot, Blue-Naped Parrot, Palawan/Mindoro Parrot ...

...Or simply “Pikoy”.

Found in small groups, these lovely parrots are confined mostly at Palawan and Mindoro islands in the Philippines.  A small colony alse reside and breed on Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia and Sabah, Borneo. Usually they are in the secondary forests and forests edges.

Physical Appearance

Pikoys are medium-sized parrots with approximately 31 cm tall. Generally, they have green plumage with a touch of light blue on the head and at the lower back of the neck. Their wings have a mixture of black, orange-yellow and yellow-green. They also have dark or greyish eyes and red beaks. Baby Blue-napes have duller green colors and their beaks are black. Full grown blue-crowned parrots exhibits their beauty after 10 to 12 months.

Avian Amore: Sun Conure, Aratinga Solstitialis

Are you ready for another parrot?

Another variety of pretty birds in the Parrot species, Sun Conures, also known as, Sun Parakeets are popular due to their bright green and yellow plumage. They are so adorable and sweet just perfect for beginners who would like to have parrots as pets.

Physical Appearance

Striking colors of yellow, green, orange and red makes a Sun Conure so charming. They are approximately  12 inches tall about twice the size of a normal love bird. Their body builts have the resemblance of Macaws. The contours of their eyes are white bordered and they have black beaks.

Baby conures have naturally pure olive green feathers. This feature is said to be a defense mechanism as they wander in the wild. As they grow up, they develop the bright colors. Their head starts to show a mix of yellow and orange feathers. Yellow streaks extend to the wings and tails. Yellow and reddish-orange eventually becomes their main feature, the color of the Sun.

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