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Here I am

Here I am, thinking

If I could find a place
where my soul could see his
A place where all the doubts are gone
and all our plans are one
Yet I know, there will always be none.


Here I am, floating

At this river of endless tears
Where life and joy are interred
And dreams and hopes are annihilated
Where everyone are perfect strangers
and nobody even cared.

Avian Amore: Umbrella Cockatoo, Cacatua alba

No, its not a type of an umbrella but a type of a parrot.

Physical appearance:

Umbrella Cockatoos are medium-sized, white parrots with dark grey beak. Their eyes can be brown, black or red. Normally, they have this crest that spreads out in a semi-circular shape like an umbrella when surprised. Splashes of yellow or lemon colors are visible at their tails and at the underside of their wings.  Their average weight plays around 600 to 700 grams.

Pocket Chronicles: Philippine Bonsai Festival: Experience Bonsai Through Art and Workshops

A 15-Day Philippine Bonsai Festival runs at The Podium from May 15-30. Several groups of Bonsai enthusiasts have gathered to exhibit their excellent produced Bonsai and to conduct a lecture-demo series. Lecturers who will conduct the workshop are members and officers of the Philippine Bonsai Society Inc., Nueva Ecija Bonsai Society, Natural Stone Society of the Philippines and  Kapampangan Horticulture and Bonsai Society. Here are the schedule of the events:
  • May 15, 3pm        Formal Opening of the Exhibit
  • May 16, 1-3pm     Part I: Introduction to the Art of Bonsai
  • May 16, 4-6pm     Part II: Penjing: The Art of Chinese Landscape
  • May 22, 3-5pm     Part III – Training of Bonsai
  • May 23, 3-5pm     Part IV: Suseiki: The Art of Natural Stone Appreciation 
  • May 29, 3-5pm     Part V: Caring Bonsai and Preparation for Exhibit
  • May 30, 3-6pm     Part VI: Hands-on Bonsai Workshop

Pocket Chronicles: Aiza Seguerra rocks Odyssey Megamall

May 18, 2010 – Aiza Seguerra rocks Odyssey Megamall this afternoon at 5:30 PM promoting her new album: Perhaps Love.

From an award-winning child actress to an acoustic singer, 27 years old Cariza Yamson Seguerra, popularly known as Eat Bulaga’s “Aiza” launched her new album Perhaps Love last May 14, 2010. “Ellie My Love” is the first single in the album which was originally sung by “Southern All-Stars”. Other songs in the track lists are:
1. Almost Over You
2. Kiss From A Rose
3. Ellie My Love (1st Single)
4. Sukiyaki
5. First Love
6. Runaway
7. She’s Gone
8. Perhaps Love
9. A Thousand Miles
10. Forever And A Day
11. I’ll Be Over You
12. Angel
13. Ngayong Wala Ka Na (Tagalog)
14. Live High

Pocket Chronicles: Fire rattles Lipa City Residents

LODLOD LIPA CITY - An old house caught on fire of unknown origin rattled a residential area in Lodlod Lipa City last Sunday, May 16,2010 at around 3 p.m. in the afternoon while other affected residents are out on a summer outing.

A neighbor across the street heard an explosion and noticed a fire bursting out at the second floor of an old two-storey house made of wood at Purok 6, Lodlod Lipa City – a few blocks away from Bluroze Farm. He immediately contacted the city’s fire station. In a span of 3 minutes, the fire was engulfing the whole second floor and it was trailing out to hit the nearby residents.


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