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Avian Amore: Blue-Naped Parrots – “Pikoy”, Tanygnathus lucionensis

Philippine Green Parrot, Luzon Parrot, Blue-crowned Green Parrot, Blue-Naped Parrot, Palawan/Mindoro Parrot ...

...Or simply “Pikoy”.

Found in small groups, these lovely parrots are confined mostly at Palawan and Mindoro islands in the Philippines.  A small colony alse reside and breed on Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia and Sabah, Borneo. Usually they are in the secondary forests and forests edges.

Physical Appearance

Pikoys are medium-sized parrots with approximately 31 cm tall. Generally, they have green plumage with a touch of light blue on the head and at the lower back of the neck. Their wings have a mixture of black, orange-yellow and yellow-green. They also have dark or greyish eyes and red beaks. Baby Blue-napes have duller green colors and their beaks are black. Full grown blue-crowned parrots exhibits their beauty after 10 to 12 months.

Hand-reared Pikoys are interactive and outgoing. Like most parrots, they require attention, toys and enough space as their playground.  They eat berries, seeds, nuts and grains as part of their diet. Male and female blue napes are hard to be distinguished as they look so much alike. However, most male pikoys are more active and willing to talk than female ones. They are not aggressive nor territorial when it comes to relationship with other pikoys so it would be easy for you to mix them in one cage.


Like most parrots, pikoys, can be tamed and trained well. I remembered one of the Pikoys that I tamed, “Mayumi”, she loves to walk up to my shoulder and chew buttons, earrings, eyeglass, necklace or even preen my hair. Pikoys are sweet and eager to learn new words.  Training parrots with a positive reinforcement is better than negative ones. Aside from the Stepping up trick, another basic thing that you do is to move your hands slowly as you approach your pets. Through this, your parrots will not be scared and will learn to trust you.

Three baby Pikoys: Athos, Porthos and Aramis. The best time to hand-rear and tame them.


kevin said...

san po pwde bumili nyan? sa cebu aaq
i2 numbr q 09332132333

Khaisse said...

check out philippine pet finder website

monchie delacruz said...

pwde ba ang cerelac sa mga batang pikoy? bakit nag iiba ang mga mata nila?

Purple Ink said...

Hi monchie,

Yes, cerelac ang pinapakain namin. Para sa changes sa mata di ako aware. Paano pong nag-iiba? color ba?

Anonymous said...

Anu tamang pg aalaga ng pikoy at anu pgkain at vit nla..

Purple Ink said...

Hi madami generic ways to take care of pikoy. Parrot siya so pde mo google sa net ung mga paraan ng pag-aalaga ng parrot. example:

Para sa mga pikoy, alagaan mo lang ung food diet niya. fruits (banana, apple), bird seeds. I don't have particular na vit para sa kanya.

vien said...

hi, ano pong pinapakain nyo sa parrot nyo nung baby pa bukod sa cerelac?

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm from palawan. meron akong parrot dati. Madalas na pinapakain namin sa baby parrot ay dog food. Binababad muna namin sa tubig. Pag malambot na pwede na sya ipakain sa pikoy.

Purple Ink said...

Hi. may nabibiling baby bird food sa mga pet shops. Pero mas mura na ang cerelac.

Yes, tama dog food nga pag minsan. Dinudurog namin pag malambot na.

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