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I wrote this back in 1998, hand-written on a small notebook. In 2009, I saw the notebook again and decided to make it available electronically. I entered it in Nanowrimo and was able to complete it. Unfortunately, I find the finish product outdated already. After 16 years, e-books and online book portals are everywhere. So why should I keep it in my stash for years? One day, I've decided to post it via WattPad.


Things to Do: 

1. Replace the Title 
2. Replace all scenes that are too 90's 
3. Replace the book cover 
4. Revise all typos and grammatical errors 
5. Drink coffee... more coffee.... 

So help me God! 

Charmed in Vietnam: Mateo & Nicole

Before Charmed in Vietnam will become part of the "has-been" and "forgotten" section, I would like to give a whole spread of its "story behind a story". Someday, when someone gets curious on how it became a book, they can find substantial answers here.

If Izzy was a chick-lit turned romance, Nicole, for me, is a full-blooded romance novel. I must say, Charmed in Vietnam has followed all the rules and the formula to make sure that it gets accepted and be called a Romance Novel - Desire. It also followed a theme called: Romancing the Globe. True enough, after a month of waiting, it gets accepted. Not just accepted, but ACCEPTED WITH NO REVISIONS. Woohoo!!! I swear, I felt so thankful that my second attempt got in on my first submission to a publisher.

Romancing the Globe - Vietnam

If the story setting is international, it gets qualified to the "Romancing the Globe" (RTG) theme. Since Izzy's adventure in Thailand just happened in 3-5 pages instead of several chapters, it was not lined up for the first release of  the RTG theme. That is why, in my second book, I made sure that this ingredient gets added. Romance started, ended and re-ignited in Vietnam. I was three months pregnant when I went to Saigon. I thought it was going to be very boring because I cannot do the sporty kind of adventure. It turned out to be memorable and this second book is a tribute to "my first family trip" abroad in Vietnam. - ADAM LEVINE for Mateo Woohoo!!

 Characters' Profile

Mateo de Ortaleza is the name of the son of one of my best friends. Lucky for him, his name was not replaced by the editor just like Brandon-turned-Blake. Mateo is a your usual rich and playboy who left his province to pursue his dream traveling around the world as a vocalist of his own band. Mateo's features are similar to Adam Levine's plus a wonderful voice that can truly rock your world.

Nicole del Prado, a commercial model, is your typical complete package of a woman. She who has great body and angelic face is pretty far from Izzy (Sweeter Than My Coffee). She is oozing with confidence and knows how to play her games except for the uncontrollable beats of her heart.

Similar to Izzy (which I had to remove from my writing pattern), Nicole has two side kicks - Pearl and Marge. Basically, these names came from my colleagues in the company where I worked while I was writing this novel. These two ladies are models too like the heroine and they are the ones who will help her complete her mission.

A commercial model and a vocalist tandem came from the sister of the boyfriend of my team mate/friend (who never ended up together). I don’t know, it really just came out of the blue and to be honest, they don’t have any idea about this. **evil grin** 

In this novel, you get a chance to explore Saigon and Hanoi through Mateo's & Nicole's tour. I do hope you get engaged with the desire that I embedded in every page. I thank the editor for refining my words and sentences. She really did her job so well and edited the story the way I wanted.

Charmed in Vietnam 2014: OUT NOW!!!

Pamilya ang isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit napapayag si Nicole sa isang weird na kasunduan. Bukod pa roon, tila naengkanto siya sa charm ng playboy na si Mateo de Ortaleza na siyang sangkot sa deal na iyon. 

Tila napakadali ng misyong iniatas sa kanya subalit nang makita niya sa personal ang binata at pinakitaan siya nito ng pagka-playboy, nahulog na si Nicole sa bitag na siya mismo ang gumawa. Sino ba naman ang makakatanggi sa isang sweet, guwapo at may makapanindig-balahibong boses na si Mateo?  

Subalit hindi niya tiyak kung maiintindihan siya ng lalaki sa oras na malaman nito ang totoo. Higit doon, kung magagawa pa ba nitong mahalin siya kapag buko na ang kanyang plano….


“Let me see that!” Hinablot ni Pearl ang picture ni Mateo mula kay Marge. Pinagpipiyestahan ng dalawa niyang kaibigan ang lalaki habang nakaupo sila sa gitnang bahagi ng Airbus 320 na eroplanong bound to Ho Chih Minh, Vietnam.

     “Girls, playboy siya. Wala siyang naging steady relationship. Vocalist siya ng isang band at may-ari ng Hacienda de Ortaleza sa San Carlos,” umpisa ni Nicole.

     Pagkatapos nilang magpirmahan ng kontrata ni Don Lorenzo ay inasikaso ng sekretarya nitong si Connie ang mga sumunod na pangyayari. Kinausap ng matandang Ortaleza ang manager nila para gawin ang sunod nilang sports wear photo shoot sa Vietnam nang linggong iyon dahil nandoon ang anak nito. Tumutugtog ang banda ni Mateo sa mga hotels at Filipino communities doon. Isang e-mail ang natanggap niya mula kay Connie na naglalaman ng lahat ng detalye tungkol sa binatang Ortaleza.


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